When is it time to meet a rheumatologist?

Posted on 04/13/2016

Feeling some tightness in your joints? Here are some tell tale signs it's time to schedule an appointment with us. 

 You have been diagnosed with arthritis or a rheumatic disease 

With over 100 types of arthritic diseases, a rheumatologist is necessary to give you the proper care to support the condition. Seeing someone who specializes in rheumatic conditions is the best option for getting the right treatment.

 You have joint pain and/or swelling  

Some of the first symptoms of rheumatic conditions are swelling and joint pain. The best ways to ensure a good outcome is by attacking these early signs of arthritis. Though you shouldn't jump to a self-diagnosis of arthritis the moment you have joint pain, prolonged pain and swelling could be a symptom. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

 You have certain abnormal blood test results 

One way that rheumatologists diagnose rheumatic conditions is with blood tests. If your blood tests results are abnormal showing anything related to antinuclear, antibodies, rheumatoid factors, or erythrocyte sedimentations, you should consider reaching out to us to determine if there are any underlying conditions.  

You are having trouble figuring out what's wrong 

If you are having problems or curious about any abnormalities mentioned above, contact and schedule time with our team. Many times we meet patients who just can't seem to figure out what is wrong with them. We can give you peace of mind with a diagnosis and a treatment plan.


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