One More Reason To Quit Smoking

Posted on 02/22/2016

One More Reason To Quit Smoking

If you needed one more reason to quit smoking here it is: smoking increases the chances of developing severe rheumatoid arthritis by worsening the affects in patients already afflicted. It is widely known that smoking has ill-affects on health, but it actually affects much more of the body than many people know. In fact, the negative affects of smoking can be found all over the body. 

Rheumatoid Factor is a chemical found in the blood that is used to help test if a patient has rheumatoid arthritis. Research has indicated that smoking increases this chemical. Smoking can also have adverse affects on genetics. It has been shown that the damage to a certain gene from smoking is conclusively a factor in severe arthritis complications. Studies between those with RA who smoke and those with RA that don't smoke revealed much more severe damage for those who smoked than those who didn't. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis isn't the only rheumatic condition worsened by smoking. The core issue is that smoking decreases blood flow. This leaves your body susceptible in many ways. For starters, research has shown that smokers are far more likely to develop osteoporosis than those who don't smoke. Smoking causes osteoporosis in three ways. As stated, smoking causes reduced blood flow, which is bad for bones. Smoking also prevents healthy bones by blocking osteoblasts and preventing the absorption of calcium (a key component in bone health). Once these complications arise, a fracture becomes likely. Smoking decreases the body's ability to repair fractures.

Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the world. Besides the affects it has on bones and joints, the negative consequences on your body and muscles make it the ultimate form of debilitation. If you need any more reason to quit smoking, do it for your bones and joints; do it for your loved ones. 

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