Medical Reviews Online-What You Need To Know.

Posted on 11/21/2016

At Rheumatology Associates we strive to offer the utmost in quality patient care. Our team of experienced doctors and friendly staff are dedicated to resolving challenges and helping each and every patient. We want our patients to continue to do the things they love to do without letting their symptoms hold them back.


With 40 years of experience in treating rheumatic conditions in central Indiana, we still see patient satisfaction as one of our number 1 priorities!

The Importance of Medical Reviews

We love to hear from our patients! Online reviews give patients an opportunity to share their experiences with others, recommend doctors or offices for various reasons and communicate in this very open and honest way about our team. Obviously, we would love if we received all good reviews, but we understand that regardless of how hard we strive for excellence, we will not always meet every patient's expectations. We know that these situations are an exception and not the norm. We greatly appreciate the positive feedback from all of the patients who have had fantastic experiences and we thank you for taking time to write our many great reviews.

Resolving Challenges

Improving the lives of our patients is the reason we chose to go into this field of work.  We work diligently to resolve challenges that are identified or brought to our attention. We never like to see a challenge go unresolved, because on the other side of every challenge, there is a person who feels that we could have done better.

When writing reviews, we humbly ask that you consider the following:

1. When writing a review, it is very important to make sure you are reviewing the correct doctor and that the review is about that doctor. This helps protect the integrity of online medical review systems and avoids a doctor being unfairly rated either higher or lower because the rating was for another doctor or the office in general.

2. Know that we cannot resolve challenges through the review system. Unfortunately, in the days of social media and anonymous reviews, we often have limited information available to us to try to resolve an unsatisfactory experience.  This often leaves us in the dark and unable to live up to the high standards we have set for ourselves.

3. Contact us first. We will work to resolve the issues that led to your dissatisfaction. 99.9% of the time we can resolve the issue by better understanding your expectations and openly discussing your experience. If you choose to first leave an online review before contacting us directly, we rarely have all of the information we need to make it right.  

We are very grateful for the opportunity that we have had over the past 40 years to serve Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. We will continue to work hard for our patients and we all look forward to continuing to help you live healthy, quality lives.